Explore Multiple AI Models in One Place

Work with various Generative AI models, including GPT-3.5 Turbo, GPT-4, Cohere, Stability AI, DALL-E. Generate images, pieces of original content, like essays, social media posts, or stories. Automate tasks, like text summarization, translation, copywriting, or use Google BERT embedding model for AI Search to find and synthesize relevant information to answer questions from large units of text.


Fine-tune AI

Finetuning is training a model on how to respond. It requires a dataset and careful data preparation. IngestAI offers an alternative: prompt engineering. By adding a Prompt Template with explicit instructions to your model, you can get results comparable to a fine-tuned AI model. Experience the power of IngestAI for efficient and precise model responses.

  • Prompt your AI to answer or generate content the way you want.
  • To get even better results - provide it with one or few examples.

Embed like a pro

Improve your embedding metadata and embedding tokens with a user-friendly UI. Seamlessly apply advanced NLP cleansing techniques like TF-IDF, normalize, and enrich your embedding tokens, improving efficiency and accuracy in your LLM-related applications.


Customize AI on Your Data

Tailoring AI/LLM models with your specific content enables you to develop ChatGPT-style web chats that incorporate your FAQ, product details, or documentation. Create custom virtual assistants for employees, educational assistants, or integrate seamlessly into your website, or numerous messaging platforms and APIs.

  • Utilize AI with your unique and current content.
  • Make AI model's responses accurate and predictable.

AI Search

Enable your team an internal search that really works, finds exactly what they need, and lets them get back to their jobs within seconds, armed with the data they need. This leads to Improved productivity, reduced content duplication and rework, informed decision making, and greater employee satisfaction.

  • Semantic AI Search
  • Generative Search
  • Hybrid Search

Connect to Anything

Experience effortless connectivity with IngestAI, integrating with popular messaging and social apps such as Discord, Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, and MS Teams. Our versatile API endpoints allow you to have a seamless experience while working with an array of data sources, all from the comfort of your preferred interface. Enhance your digital workspace with IngestAI.

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