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Empowering learning experience at one of the Top US Universities

Online Education

Empowering learning experience at one of the Top US Universities
by IngestAI
Empowering Truck Drivers with IngestAI


Empowering Truck Drivers with IngestAI
by IngestAI
Empowering Brett Malinowski's team and community with IngestAI


Empowering Brett Malinowski's team and community with IngestAI
by IngestAI

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How can you use IngestAI

IngestAI provides easy access to AI tools for businesses

Cold Calling or Emailing

Elevate your business automation to new heights with IngestAI-powered outbound engagement and streamline your cold-emailing and calling process. It’s more than just a standard email automation software, as it employs advanced Machine Learning algorithms to classify and review incoming responses. No more wasting hours sorting through emails; our intelligent system filters out negative responses, connecting your team directly with prospects who have given a 'yes' or 'maybe' reply.

Market Monitoring

Empower your business with automated AI assistant based on an extensive collection of websites, platforms, job boards, apps, and even trending hashtags you provide, to meticulously monitor market trends, employment openings, and supplementary prospects, regularly receiving relevant information and ultimately benefiting your organization.

Classify messages and documents

In today's fast-paced world, it's impossible to sift through countless emails, Twitter DMs, LinkedIn messages, Instagram or Reddit comments, and various reviews daily. Distinguishing between vital information and what simply needs organization based on your criteria is crucial. IngestAI multilabel classification is designed to streamline and automate content management, by classifying documents and messages in a way that makes sense for your business, like customer support inquiries by request or social media posts by product.

Web Scraper

An abundance of essential data resides on the internet, waiting to be discovered and utilized. However, the process of locating, organizing, and leveraging this information in a meaningful manner can be painstakingly slow. Consider the scenario where you're searching for potential purchasing opportunities - by the time you've successfully gathered and arranged the relevant data, the golden opportunity may have already slipped through your fingers. Similarly, when developing a thriving marketplace, you need consistent access to the latest information concerning key players and their offerings.

Build AI-driven Chatbots

Chatbots and AI assistants share similarities in their utilization of AI models. But while AI assistants aim to complete tasks assigned by users, chatbots primarily serve as companions. AI-powered chatbots can emulate the conversation style of customer support agents or various personalities, such as celebrities, fictional characters from games, movies, or books, business professionals, and writers, among others.

Build AI Assistants

Undoubtedly, AI assistants have become the leading choice for consumers seeking efficient support. Catering to diverse user groups, these cutting-edge companions offer task-specific expertise – from scheduling and note-taking to pair programming, email responses, parental assistance, reservation management, flight bookings, and shopping, among other functions. Ultimately, the aspiration is an all-encompassing AI assistant, providing comprehensive aid for every aspect of life.

Enhance Your Data Privacy

More and employees use ChatGPT at work. IngestAI's Personal Information Excluder effortlessly secures your personal and business data, preventing risks that information, like credit card numbers, emails addresses or personal phone numbers could be sent to ChatGPT or any other AI model. IngestAI ensures pre-processing of all queries and filtering out this data before a query is sent.

Analyze Customer Experience at Scale

Dive into customer interactions from various channels, including support emails, social media posts, online comments, and voice call transcriptions. Uncover the elements that contribute to both positive and negative experiences. Utilize these invaluable insights to enhance your products and services for an elevated customer experience.

Extract customer details

Extracting customer personal information, like name, email, phone number, or address from complex contracts, chat history consisting of thousands of requests and answers, now takes minutes if not seconds with IngestAI proprietary Machine Learning algorithms. Unlock the true value of your content with this cutting-edge AI capability, designed to make the extraction process highly efficient and automated.

Content rewrite

Improve your content with the transformative automating text rewriting and liberating your valuable time, enabling you to focus on more inventive things.

Text rewriting encompasses various dimensions, with text correction being a prime example. Perfectly suited for tasks such as amending spelling and grammar errors in voice-to-text transcriptions, all you need to do is select a default AI model, customize the prompt, and guide it towards accurately rectifying transcription inaccuracies.

Streamline text rewriting

In the fast-paced world of content creation, writers are constantly on the lookout for tools that can help them increase productivity and efficiency. Text completion prompts provide an innovative way to jump-start your writing process. Whether you're working on a blog post, case study, or article, all you need to do is provide a brief introduction or an outline of your piece. Once the AI-powered technology receives this input, it will generate a comprehensive draft in mere seconds, saving you valuable time and resources.

Automate with text classification

Implement Utilize advanced text classification techniques to address a multitude of applications, such as optimizing customer support, delivering comprehensive sentiment analysis, and enhancing search and recommendation systems. By streamlining content organization and implementing sentiment analysis on diverse platforms like social media monitoring, news categorization, and spam filtering, you can elevate user experience and drive business success.

Implement AI Search

Make precise, high-performance semantic (contextual) text searches across different sources of information and through your knowledge base, supporting English and 100+ additional languages, IngestAI enables you to build an internal Google search engine.


With IngestAI integration of multiple AI models you can derive precise and succinct summaries of articles, emails, and documents, ensuring they maintain their core message and relevance.

Generate images

Revolutionizing the design and creative industries, AI-generated images blend cutting-edge artificial intelligence with advanced deep learning algorithms to deliver remarkable efficiency, detail, and realism. These innovative tools not only save time and resources but also empower professionals to concentrate on vital aspects of their projects while anticipating emerging design trends.

Generate content

Craft compelling product descriptions, engaging blog posts, informative articles, and persuasive marketing content within minutes with the help of generative AI models that IngestAI enables for you.

What else you can build with IngestAI ?

A chatbot that automatically answers frequently asked questions about a company's products and services, reducing the workload on customer support, and providing instant information to users.

An advanced search feature within a company's intranet, using AI to understand context and deliver more accurate results, improving employee productivity, and fostering knowledge sharing.

An AI system that automatically scans and analyzes job applicants' CVs, categorizing them based on skills and experience, significantly reducing the time recruiters spend reviewing CVs and ensuring a better-quality shortlist.

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