PR/Marketing 2023-04-16

Empowering Brett Malinowski's team and community with IngestAI

By IngestAI


Brett Malinowski, a visionary entrepreneur and passionate advocate for the future of Web3. Fueled by his belief in Web3's potential to revolutionize consumer engagement and loyalty, Brett has dedicated his career to building the foundation for its mass adoption.

A true servant leader, Brett possesses the qualities of integrity, accountability, and innovation. He excels in collaborative and imaginative work environments, which has contributed to his success as the head of a creative marketing agency specializing in brand positioning and sales funnels. In addition, he has proven expertise in ad creation, media buying, and optimizing conversions through data-driven testing.

In the realm of Web3, Brett's entrepreneurial prowess has led him to found multiple successful businesses, such as WGMI Media, Magic Mushroom Clubhouse NFT, NFT Academy, and various alpha groups. He has also advised over a dozen NFT projects on their marketing strategies, including Gents Croquet Club, which generated an impressive 4.5 million in revenue under his guidance. Currently, Brett leads a high-performing team that assists prominent brands in developing creative and innovative 'go to market' strategies.

Brett's passion for educating people about Web3, AI, and other future-focused technologies shines through in his successful YouTube channel, boasting over 230k subscribers and 5 million views.


Brett and his team often faced challenges when onboarding new team members or collaborating with other agencies. They had to answer the same repetitive questions time and again, negatively impacting their productivity. Addressing these issues became crucial to improve their overall efficiency.

The Solution

IngestAI provided the perfect aid to combat their challenge. Brett utilized this cutting-edge tool to create a virtual AI consultant using his own knowledge base. By transcribing all his content and feeding it to Ingest AI, Brett successfully turned the tool into a Discord bot. This bot enables anyone on his team to ask questions, which it answers based on Brett's previous responses and content.


The implementation of the AskBrett chatbot built using IngestAI has transformed Brett's team's workflow, saving them considerable time and energy previously spent on redundant tasks. The AskBrett chatbot now acts as a consultant, sharing Brett's knowledge and expertise to answer common questions from new team members or clients. The team can now focus their energy on the essential activities, boosting their overall efficiency and effectively managing their time. The IngestAI powered chatbot has revolutionized Brett Malinowski onboarding process and the way they handle repetitive queries, proving highly valuable and indispensable to their organization. As a result IngestAI.io was featured in Brett Malinowski's 5 crucial tools for Entrepreneurs video:  https://youtu.be/gRKbLuAI7QM?t=158

Additionally, Brett chose to incorporate the AskBrett chatbot, powered by IngestAI, into his 22,000-member community Discord server: https://discord.gg/wgmicommunity. This integration enables users to engage with the chatbot, seeking questions and guidance rooted in Brett's expertise.

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