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Empowering learning experience at one of the Top US Universities

Online Education

Empowering learning experience at one of the Top US Universities
by IngestAI
Empowering Truck Drivers with IngestAI


Empowering Truck Drivers with IngestAI
by IngestAI
Empowering Brett Malinowski's team and community with IngestAI


Empowering Brett Malinowski's team and community with IngestAI
by IngestAI

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How can you use IngestAI

IngestAI provides easy access to AI tools for businesses

Market Monitoring

Empower your business with automated AI assistant based on an extensive collection of websites, platforms, job boards, apps, and even trending hashtags you provide, to meticulously monitor market trends, employment openings, and supplementary prospects, regularly receiving relevant information and ultimately benefiting your organization.

Web Scraper

An abundance of essential data resides on the internet, waiting to be discovered and utilized. However, the process of locating, organizing, and leveraging this information in a meaningful manner can be painstakingly slow. Consider the scenario where you're searching for potential purchasing opportunities - by the time you've successfully gathered and arranged the relevant data, the golden opportunity may have already slipped through your fingers. Similarly, when developing a thriving marketplace, you need consistent access to the latest information concerning key players and their offerings.

What else you can build with IngestAI ?

A chatbot that automatically answers frequently asked questions about a company's products and services, reducing the workload on customer support, and providing instant information to users.

An advanced search feature within a company's intranet, using AI to understand context and deliver more accurate results, improving employee productivity, and fostering knowledge sharing.

An AI system that automatically scans and analyzes job applicants' CVs, categorizing them based on skills and experience, significantly reducing the time recruiters spend reviewing CVs and ensuring a better-quality shortlist.

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