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for AI Applications

IngestAI offers a sophisticated toolbox for model selection, powered by our proprietary AI algorithms.

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Unlock the Power of Generative AI for Your Business

IngestAI is a Silicon Valley-based startup, backed by the Stanford Human-Centered AI Startup Series, Cohere Accelerator Program, and PLUGandPLAY. Already trusted by several publicly traded companies, IngestAI will elevate your AI-powered solutions to the next level.


AI Model Selection

IngestAI provides a turn-key service tailored for AI builders seeking to optimize AI application development. We identify the model best-suited for your needs, ensuring it is designed for high performance and reliability. IngestAI utilizes Deepmark AI, our proprietary software solution, to minimize the time required to identify and deploy the most effective AI solutions.


Data Preparation

IngestAI transforms your raw structured and unstructured data into high-quality, RAG-ready formats. This service is meticulously designed to ensure that your AI models receive the best possible input, leading to unparalleled performance and accuracy on your RAG-powered applications.

AI Development

IngestAI goes beyond mere implementation; we excel in fine-tuning. Our expertise enables you to meticulously customize your AI models to ensure that they match the unique nuances of your data and specific demands of your industry. IngestAI will rigorously evaluate your AI project, not only ensuring its successful launch but its optimal alignment with your business goals.


The best AI models in the world will do little if fed with low-quality data. IngestAI’s Embeddor is what MS Word was at the time when only the .txt format existed. Our Embeddor is a graphical user interface (GUI) for the seamless manipulation and processing of vectorized enterprise data, which ensures optimal RAG performance.

Contact Center Quality Assurance

Deepmark AI

Complex RAG-based solutions deliver powerful results when your meticulously curated data is paired with the perfect blend of generative AI models. Deepmark AI is an open-source tool for both semi-automated and automated models selection, speeding up the process of integrating AI into your business by a factor of 10-100X.

Automated Support Translator

Serverless API

IngestAI provides a serverless API for dependable and scalable RAG applications, enabling seamless access to your curated data. Our Serverless API accurately retrieves relevant documents with state-of-the-art embedding models and augmenting them with the most domain-specific and efficient Generative AI models.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Our ecosystem

Our diverse ecosystem includes leading technology platforms and services . We strive to deliver a best-in-class experience that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Use Cases

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Empowering learning experience at one of the Top US Universities
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Empowering Truck Drivers with IngestAI
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Empowering Brett Malinowski's team and community with IngestAI
by IngestAI
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