Gain Unprecedented Insights Into Your Data with AI Search

As enterprises increasingly adopt data-driven strategies and internet search engines revolutionize user expectations, the need for rapid access to actionable insights has become paramount. With growing data volumes, traditional search methods fall short of delivering the desired outcomes. This is where intelligent enterprise search solutions come into play, offering unprecedented value.

Intelligent enterprise search leverages cutting-edge AI technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), semantic search, and Machine Learning (ML) to provide an engaging and efficient search experience across multiple content sources. It empowers organizations with a unified access point to both structured and unstructured data, enabling them to enrich, analyze, and streamline information retrieval.

The real-time availability of crucial insights via intelligent enterprise search helps drive informed decision-making across various industries and business functions. These AI-powered solutions are specifically designed to unlock new growth pathways while optimizing for cost-effectiveness and responsible use of technology. As a result, organizations can rapidly enjoy tangible benefits in productivity, client satisfaction, and overall transformation – all while embracing ethical AI practices through ingestai.io’s extensive portfolio of business-grade AI products and analytics solutions.


Enhance the insight discovery experience with AI Search

  • Boost employee productivity through swift information retrieval
  • Minimize redundant actions and avoid reinventing the wheel with existing resources
  • Elevate analytics and decision-making by capturing vital data promptly
  • Improve customer services with instant access to comprehensive organizational insights
  • Transform data-driven discoveries into unique competitive edges
  • Mitigate risks by identifying potential fraud, threats, and ensuring regulatory compliance

Pivotal Milestones in the Evolution of Enterprise Search Solutions

The development of comprehensive systems that learn and adapt from the outset has been a crucial milestone for effective enterprise search solutions. Integration of generative AI with plug-and-play search engines elevates their intelligence, delivering unparalleled search experiences.


AI-powered workplace search with IngestAI


Unified Search Across Platforms

Experience the convenience of having your company's collective knowledge available in one place, regardless of where you work. IngestAI seamlessly searches through all your apps with over 100 connectors, ensuring you find exactly what you need from multiple sources effortlessly.


Deep Learning-Powered Search

Harness state-of-the-art deep learning techniques such as LLMs for vector searches, improving semantic understanding and natural language queries. With continuous refinement based on your company's unique language and context, IngestAI enhances search relevance without manual adjustments.


Generative AI Advantages

Capitalize on IngestAI's generative AI capabilities that provide document summaries in seconds, locate answers using up-to-date information across all company apps, and allow engagement with informative follow-up discussions using IngestAI Chat for deeper insights.


Personalized Search Experience

IngestAI's knowledge graph understands the connections between people, content, and interactions, offering highly relevant and personalized search results for each user. If a resource is unavailable or further expertise is needed, IngestAI identifies internal subject matter experts within your organization.


Trusted Real-Time Results

Rely on real-time indexed search results with the ability to pin essential items for easy access. With IngestAI's focus on data source permissions maintenance, users are only presented with information they have authorization to view.


Enterprise-Grade ChatGPT

Benefit from an enterprise-level intelligent assistant in ChatGPT. Access answers, analyses, and summaries drawn from various sources—including documents, conversations, and tickets—while maintaining full referenceability powered by advanced enterprise search capabilities that prioritize security and privacy.


Securing Access through Trusted Knowledge Models

The adoption of trusted knowledge models ensures secure access to data within organizations. By indexing information from various sources and natively crawling permission layers, users can trust that their searches will only return results for which they have permission to access.


Fostering Transparency with Referenceability

Generative models' transparency allows users to trust the answers they receive. By providing referenceability or a clear indication of where answers originated from, generative AI enhances credibility while offering secure and reliable access to critical business information.


Secure Your Data

You can host IngestAI on-premise on your own infrastructure, behind your own VPN and in your own dedicated environment to get the full control over your data, so no one outside of your organization (even IngestAI) would get access to your data.


How to get AI Search AI Search

AI Search is available with the IngestAI. Deliver workflows that connect people, functions, and systems with the platform of platforms for digital business.

  • Semantic AI Search
  • Generative Search
  • Hybrid Search

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FAQ about AI Search

Generative AI improves enterprise searches by offering an intuitive and natural user experience, making searches feel familiar, like web searches. It lowers cognitive overload and the barriers to accessing organizational knowledge, enabling users to efficiently find relevant information across fragmented data sources.

The trusted knowledge model is crucial for delivering secure and ethical generative AI experiences within enterprises. It ensures that while indexing information from various data sources and documents, permission layers are natively crawled to create a unified view of user credentials. Consequently, users only see search results they have permission to access.

The development of comprehensive systems that learn and adapt right from implementation has transformed enterprise search solutions by addressing sparsity issues when training models on smaller sets of documents. Generative AI brings a new level of intelligence to plug-and-play search engines, elevating their effectiveness.

Referenceability fosters trust and credibility by providing transparency into where answers originate within generative models. This feature enables users to verify the integrity of answers received from their searches through an understanding of how insights were generated.

Employees can swiftly access crucial information across various applications with Glean's advanced AI-powered capabilities. Personalized results based on a company's unique knowledge graph improve productivity, while real-time indexing ensures users receive up-to-date, pertinent information. Additionally, Glean Chat allows for informative follow-up discussions for deeper insights into searched content.

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